Microsoft is asshoe.
They tried to force update a Windows 10 Home machine to Windows 11. Nobody clicked okay on anything. It had icon in task bar indicating it would install it on reboot. I had to go into the update settings to click "no for now". Fuck you microsoft. Eat shit and die. Just leave my shit alone.

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    Yeah, I'm not that surprised, after all windows 11 has only recently overtaken

    *checks notes *

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    @atheist The biggest issue I have is "some things may not work in windows 11" is like part of the windows 11 tagline.
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    @Demolishun yeah... I tried the update, didn't notice anything "broken", just a lot of things were "worse". Rolled back fairly promptly.

    Fortunately my pc has a software TPM that I disabled (meaning my pc "doesn't meet the hardware requirements") and I'm running pro, so it hasn't tried to update on its own.
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    @atheist My main machine is pro. I have more control there. I may just change these others to Linux and give MS the finger.
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    MS: "we need more spyware, and ads in the start menu for our crap. What do?"
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    If you hate so much thier products : Easy : Stop using them.
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    @NoToJavaScript hard to do that when it's a requirement of the job.
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    @sariel change the company 😛 and next time join company who doesn't force shitOS onto you.

    Btw what are you developing that mandates the use of windows ?
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    @avneesh I don't even use Windows to develop on. The combination of excel, word, teams, Skype, slack, zoom, etc all work fine on windows.

    I tried Linux alternatives, they have two problems.

    1) feature parity is way off
    2) I got sick of the complaints that "document/spreadshit" broke the formatting.

    Now I use Windows so that I don't have to listen to my boss whinging about shit that doesn't matter.
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    @sariel yeah I know... My comment was not for someone who is on windows ecosystem.obviously windows software will work fine on windows... 😛 else why would have it has been commercial success..

    Windows were always made with WYSIWYG in mind...

    Just try installing redis on windows 😉
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