Designer: in an effort to create our brand identity we've come up with a design pattern to use across Android, iOS, and web.

Me: this design goes against material design principles which we agreed we'd use. Also it looks like a mashup of iOS and Windows 10

Designer: just because it looks like an iOS/Windows 10 mashup doesn't mean it was designed for those platforms; it was designed as our brand for all platforms. We feel very strongly about keeping it, specifically the pieces that make you feel uncomfortable as an Android developer

Me: 🙄😑😣😒

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    Yup. get used to it. Good cross platform design is non existant. Almost all graphic / artsy people use macs and iPhone, and base thier designs on that.
    Android devs get stuck with the results. It will get better soon, as android now has constraint layouts, and better graphics/animation support.
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    @magicMirror I've been doing Android device for almost 8 years now. This is the first time that I'm getting such strong push-back from a designer 😥
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    @eygraber 😱! I'm not the only Android dev with 8 years experience! how was it, working on android 1.1 emulators, and the G1, with the sliding keyboard?
    Designer based UI was always a pain for me. the only way to avoid it was to sit down with the designer and see whats up before it was presented and final.
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    @magicMirror I never used the emulators back then; too slow (and now I have trouble using them because...first impressions 😂).

    I used the g1 for a bit, but when I switched to the Moto Droid it was like night and day.

    This does happen to be the first time where the designer and I are on different continents...
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    I will never forget that red eye thing when the motodroid started up. HAL9000 much?
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    @magicMirror wow you have been developing for Android since it's inception! I was just curious, on which platform do you use Android Studio? Mac, PC or Linux?
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    @ravitripathi I'm platform agnostic. Currently I use windows, but I used mac and linux in the past.
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