Aaaand my website crashes constantly due to high traffic...

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    that is great news! you have high traffic!
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    Lol, that sounds like a love hate type of situation.
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    Do you know why the traffic crashes it? Is it because of network? Hardware? Db? Etc..
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    Seems you need better hosting
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    @magicMirror hahha yea... it is... but the client doesnt care about that news as the site keeps crashing when the campaign is live
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    @azous honestly, every factor is causing it.
    Hardware (increased ram from 2 to 4 and bandwodth to 3000Gb)
    Split page resources among other 2 domains on my vps
    Applied CDN on the said 3 domains
    activated Gzip compression
    Activated Content caching
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    @mundo03 the hosting is quite good. Check it out, Level 2 VPS on Media Temple
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    Ahh VPS, then it si completely your fault :p

    I have never been in your situation, but I think scalable containers would be what you want, i.e: openshift

    Tell me if I am being stupid
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    @mundo03 no, the specs are tiptop, you're not being stupid. Im gonna be honest, im 10+ years experienced in this, but as u said I havent been in such a high traffic situation as well.
    The server is fully capable of handling high bandwidth, but handling requests is limited to 260/second. This includes html resources (images, css, js, etc...)
    This scenario taught me that no server can handle such high loads alone, so actually a combination of CDN, caching, and in some cases distributing resources among other domains is the answer... (so far)
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