Just finished a defect fix, and turns out there's another unrelated but harder bug in the codebase. We are in the last few days of the release.

I told my tech leads that it was an unrelated problem and showed them in detail. I told them I was starting work on it now, but there should probably be a new defect entered for it.

They actually said for me to piggyback the old defect and let this go under the radar. Actually laughed it off like it was no big deal. Like WTF! I don't think its very unreasonable for devs to want separate defects for separate bugs. They're worried about analytics and shit, but I'm the one left holding the rug, looking like I spent a week on a trivial defect.

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    Always cover your ass. Create another jira issue and relate it to this one. Your work shouldnt go unnoticed
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    Sounds like a bad corporate culture :/
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    Send out an email to the tech leads.
    Suggest vaguely it is thier responsibility to handle the thing.

    Always CYA.
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    A bug is a reference.

    A reference for the VCS, for tracking time, for anything...

    This "just pop it in this ticket i was already working on" would be in a database a unique constraint violation for obvious reasons.

    I want to do a lot of gruesome devs ignoring these rules.

    Nothing makes more fun than trying to decipher what has really happened in a ticket that became a bukkake gangbang porn because of lazy devs.
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    Add a comment in Jira and mention your leads and make them put it in writing. Or at least add that additional work in an issue comment. Additionally you can always leak the defect to the QA team so they will open the defect for you
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