One day I felt sorry for my PM:
He was on the way to present an application to a client.
The PM showed me the mess the app was while asking with sadness how he should present that buggy thing.. he and I were new to the project.
After that day I told myself I would put all of my efforts to develop for excellent quality and change the app road.

This days all he did was pressure the team to develop fast.. all my "quality work" at half. Why I care for this guys? All PMs are the same

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    Not all brother... I tell my team to slow down and do things right. Rushing only creates more work later.
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    I was a PM for a while and believe me - I loved my work, but I quit. Expectations are often too high and you are (as PM) the one to be blamed for everything. But, of course, there are nice projects, clients and bosses...
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    @badcopnodonuts exactly. Some PMs laugh when you mention "technical debt".
    That's when you realize the company culture is fucked up
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    @palemajki if you as a PM are the responsible for taking the requirements of the client, you should be also the responsible for putting the expectations to the client. (That's my thought for general cases).

    If it's a big client and the PM it's doing what he can.. then I should be more comprehensive. Thanks for the perspective
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    @nperrin just so you understand me in 100% - I'm not excusing all the PMs. In fact, most I've met was really, really bad and narrow minded and the more I was into programming, the better I understood it. BUT, BUT! The whole 'we are cool agency' and 'you can drive a bicycle in our office' shit comes (at my former job) at a price of expensive projects (for clients) and unrealistic expectations (from bosses) and PM is fucked, whatever he / she does. Because client pays a lot and boss is at his side, no matter what.

    God, I'm glad I'm not working in even half as cool company, as I used to...
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