In terms of software dev what does it mean up and down? For example android app goes app->mainactivity->fragment. In this case top is app? If I find a bug in fragment and they say go up the stream and fix it it means fix it in mainactivity?

Its really confusing with breakpoints also. I put a breakpoint and when it hits I see the call stack. So it means I see now all functions executed up until this point? If I would go to the bottom I would see starting point? So its upside down compared to the architecture?

I know these are basics but I have hard time wrapping my head around it.

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    Who is "they", who says up or down?
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    @jonas-w other devs in my team
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    @AnxiousADHDGuy ask them i guess?
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    @jonas-w that was not my question
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    what even is this question
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    @joewilliams007 was machen sie zu so früher stund auf dieser Platform?
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    It depends - bottom and top are defined by the dev and -/ or the language, though easiest is the definition that top is from human understanding the beginning and bottom is the end (aka the producer of the stacktrace)


    app - function 1 - function 2 - function 3 - exception

    exception is the bottom,
    app is the top.
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    @AnxiousADHDGuy I'm note sure about breakpoints, rarely used one the last days.

    but I think they're in reverse.

    Breakpoint line
    - callee of breakpoint line (function 3)
    - callee of callee (function 2)

    So top / bottom can be confusing.

    You usually work your way from the "origin" of the exception (the last generated exception) to the caller that produced the necessary input for the exception.

    No top -/ bottom.

    Except that input for the exception can be misunderstood, though it's trivial I think to explain.

    function 2 calls function 3 with arguments bla and blub.

    function 3 uses blub, throws e.g. Null pointer exception as blub is null.

    Then function 2 is the caller that produced the necessary input (blub) for the exception to happen in function 3.

    That's usually the fun part to find out - where did the exception truly start aka when did the input that led to the exception was created.
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    It's not exact metasyntax, but generally speaking

    - The source of an event is upstream
    - Supersets, larger enclosing categories are "up"
    - Conflicting with this, the live end of the stack is usually called the top.
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    @AnxiousADHDGuy no, it was your question. your question was what THEY (your team members) mean when THEY say up/down.

    so jonas gave you the only valid answer: ask THEY what THEY mean.

    btw up and down usually means the natural thing: up one level of abstraction/callstack is towards the app entrypoint, down one level of abstraction/callstack is towards the specific line currently being executed/towards asm/deeper inside into the callstack.
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    @jonas-w wochenende :)
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    @joewilliams007 Feierabend wie das duftet...

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    @joewilliams007 Wochenende = bis morgens wach bleiben und den Tag durch pennen oder wie?
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    @jonas-w @joewilliams007 @IntrusionCM vielleicht sprechen privat jungs
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