I feel so immature to laugh at this post.

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    You should, TBH... considering how many women (and men) are going to be affected by that ruling...
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    Paying for that is cheaper than paying for maternity leave. That’s why they do it.
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    I understand that it is important to guarantee certain rights to all women but I hope they also guarantee benefits to women that wish to have children and work.

    Otherwise it is a DICK move for their own image and interests
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    @novasurp if you want an abortion, this might help. If you don't want one, then hopefully the 4k doesn't change that. So wtf dude.
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    DICKS helps you get unfucked by other dicks.

    Sick fuckers.
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    Complex issue, but idk. Anything about a company named DICKS is funny, don't feel bad.
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    @VoidNull well dicks ..😅😅😅
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    You need to let your inner child fly, even when it becomes a teenager, hehe DICKS ... Abortions.
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