Over the past few years I've tried to start learning JavaScript, only to become annoyed and move on. In my latest effort, I finally hit that "aha!" milestone. Turns out that the tutorial books and videos everybody said we're the ideal way to learn weren't so ideal for me. What ended up working:

1. Find a project tutorial.
2. Understand maybe 5% of what I'm doing.
3. Alter the project, ultimately breaking it.
4. Spend the few hours Googling.
5. Scrap it.
6. Redo it, exactly the same. It works this time.
7. Bask in my glory. For I am a JavaScript master.

I'll get there eventually. I think.

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    haha, we feel your pain. Welcome to devRant.
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    Same here. Took years of dabbling as a hobbyist and failing to get to the position of being able to speak javascript well enough colloquially that the more cryptic methods made any sense at all.

    Though I find that every time I get to grips with the grammar and vocabulary, a new dialect comes out and destroys my head.

    I'm currently trying to understand how magic angular works inside a database platform.

    And you learn by not understanding why something basic won't work as promised, changing some seemingly irrelevant part unwholesomely, and then not understanding why that works until you break it repeatedly by doing something different in a different place with no shared assets... Woooooo
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    @daveslater you not only speak JS well, but also English. Good vocab you got there
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    JS is like peoples, they speak something and mean something else.
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    I know exactly what you are saying. I was figuring angular out that same way
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