Silverlight being discontinued after having built a huge configuration app using it.

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    It was discontinues in like what? 2005?
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    Silverlight has been slated for closure since 2013?

    Why build anything new in it?
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    @rantsauce not quite ;). It came out 2007.
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    @Voxera my bad! Internet years are so short
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    @Voxera I didn't. I used it around 2009/10 maybe? And then it basically started dying right after, with MS officially starting to deprecate it in 2012 I think.
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    @pleuph ok, yes 2009 it was still on the rise.

    Personally I had to bad experience from flash that I stayed away, especially since I saw that firefox was adding more and more tools within the browser that I really never needed it.
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