Me always:
*starts coding in C/C++*
*M so gonna use raw pointers... Raw pointers ftw!*
*Spends 2 hours to code*
*Spends next 4-6 hrs trying to find why it is crashing/giving segmentation fault*
*Finally finds the solution and feels like winning a boss in Dark souls*
*Totally worth using raw pointers* 😎😎😂😂

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    Just practice and looking at other codes really... I randomly drop across new stuff in C++ and then I dive into it. If you look at existing codes, you can come across a lot of new terms and features. Simply dive into them...
    You can start with the implementation of various data structures and their algorithms (from stacks, queues, to graphs, and dijkstra's algorithm) that should give u some sample code to look at... And these are always good to know 😊
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    gcc -m32 comment.c -o /tmp/comment && /tmp/comment
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    Segmentation fault (core dumped)
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    @joshumax why do you specify the bit architecture, but not the language standard?

    And why don't you have -Wall? Or optimization flags?
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    *raw pointers for no reason* <= Spotted the masochist.
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