So, the reason the world sucks, is they look at restoring everything to a livable situation as going backwards.

Back to a better time
Back before a person knew something
would have saved us all a lot more youth life and hardship if they'd pulled their heads out of their asses and realized the generalized TRENDS are not hard and fast rules like they try to make them.

Easier for nothing to be forever most especially if they didn't lie so much. Like saying someone is dead who is not, or someone is alive who is not, or messing with someones finances or stress levels or pretending that a person isn't able to return to a profession after a hiatus or that hardship that makes a person blameless for unemployment etc is a life ender because some younger idiot is always on the way.

or how about just the dynamic of losing everything due to losing/leaving a job, being incarcerated, or having a health problem. these things are ALL exploitable concepts that are taken advantage of every day when they should be insulated against so society can thrive and be safeguarded against the most warped members of the human race.

if we wrote code the way they govern or live everytime someone kicked their box something would work, and everytime they hit enter more than once their machine would overheat and turn off.

hell or if you waited a few seconds it would delete your whole database.

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