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    No, I just got some of the PTSD back...
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    Yes please elaborate
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    Yes! Need to know more 🥴
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    @hjk101 @lassiecoder I briefly used Firebase few years ago, and it was easy to get up and running and add features pretty quickly.. But shit hit the fan as soon as *moderately* complex requirements came in - specifically talking about their nosql dB cloud firestore - one couldn't do simple where clauses like greater than,less than, in etc. - which meant having to fetch *all* data and do the stuff client side.
    Agreed that you can't really have all of the niceties with no sql dbs that you're used to when working with relational dbs, but mongodb has much better querying capabilities despite being one of the former..
    And if you were not careful enough to properly restrict the reads and writes to your db, you could end up with $$$ bills (I remember reading about someone getting a $117k bill), because they used to charge for no.of reads and writes.
    Not sure how it's doing now coz I haven't been following it for a long time..
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    @cygnus you can be disappointed by anything in the cloud potentially being hugely expensive if you don't set up boundaries. The cloud resources scale just about infinitely while your resources do not.

    Firestore and datastore are still rudimentary in the query department. Yes you can do greater than etc. But only on one field in the query and not something like dynamic like WHERE score >= ranking. It's quick it's cheap but it often requires handling in code. I would be disappointed too if I woke expect st full blown document store by the mighty Google
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