Dear BOSE, how can you make a "smart" speaker so dumb and complicated? Why require to use an app that needs frequent updates and takes up so much storage space for ... what exactly?
Dear Spotify, why not add features to the web player if your app does not run on older devices? Which native feature would your app need that is missing on iOS 13?
Dear companies making money due to the fact that some real artists make real music that real people love to listen to, how come your apps and gadgets always make me nostalgic about actual records and make me tune in to an actual radio station at the end of the day? At least you keep showing us not to rely on digital technology and rather go visit actual live concerts to listen to live music in the real world more often!

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    All that shit just shows that nothing beats local storage, especially given how cheap it has become (except with Apple ofc), and an analogue amp plus speaker boxes wired up with proper cabling.

    Plus that these "smart" devices more than once have suddenly become useless because the manufacturer decided to nope out after the fact. What's actually smart is just not buying such crap in the first place.
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    I hate the fact BOSE speaker has a different sound on a bluetooth and on a cable and there is no way to turn it off so the only solution would be to have an equalizer turned on every time I'm playing via BT.
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