User: looking up anything in Google Help Center (support.google.com)
Google: (bunch of outdated or misleading answers)
Google: This question is locked and replying has been disabled.

To make it even worse: "Please note that this forum is run by volunteers known as Google Product Experts who are not Google employees and are merely advising on best practices and interpreting Google's policies based on their experience."

So Google uses the free work of volunteers dabbling workarounds for their bugs and misfeatures and, despite Google's reputation as a search engine, fails to present their end users helpful, up to date information.

Dear Google, why not just offer a paid version of your free service where users can actually expect quality of service? I remember the internet before Google and I can't wait for the internet after Google! Seriously!

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    Google: You can't enter a secondary business address to your existing business profile.

    User: edits main address instead, entering the address of a co-working location that also offer a mail reception service.

    Google: Your listing has been suspended due to quality issues.

    Google: Please provide additional context for why you believe your account should be reinstated and any action you have taken on the listing.

    User: Just stop deactivating my profile for a change of address or phone number. As if you didn't know it's genuine when you keep tracking everyone on the planet anyway. Please either reactivate my profile or just shut the fuck off and don't bother my with your stupid notifications.
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