I'm freaking the fuck out.
After months of learning from bootcamp and on my own, after a month of no resumes replied to, after almost giving up I finally got a job opportunity in front-end web development.
The thing is, I have to pass their online test to verify my JavaScript-fu.
3 hours.
4 tasks.
And I feel like garbage who can't understand even the most basic algorithms.
By the power of Grayskull, I don't think I have the power...
Wish me luck.

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    Good luck dude!
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    good luck! online tests are usualy oriented towards classic problems, so as long as you did your home work, you should be ok.
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    GREAT AMAZING LUCK dude!!! Ur gonna BURN their test so get some shades with u 😉😎
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    Hang in there mate
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    You can do it!!!
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    Till then just practice man and good luck.
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    Just Chill and Rock The Test
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    So? Status update?
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    I want to know status as well
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    Okay, did 2.5 out of 4 tasks... gonna get my results in up to 15 minutes.
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    Aaaand the results are in. 34%. Nice knowing ya, I'm moving to Romania to shepherd goats. FFS.
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    No offense to Romanian shepherds, of course.
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    You still gave it your all so be proud, learn from your mistakes and take the next step forward!
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    @nalread np ,you are welcomed :)
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    Advice to future online test takers: they are usually about a small but comlex problem that requires working with lists, hashmaps (objects in JS) and loops. All in one function and code beauty usually doesn't matter. Learn some low level utility functions for filtering and comparing lists.
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    Try reading the You Don't Know JS book series. I don't think you'd need any further knowledge of atleast Vanilla JS than that book teaches. All the best dude
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