When I found out that the server I use weirdly implements SSH login.
For some very odd reason (probably a historical one,) you have to access the web-app console and press a button TO GRANT SSH ACCESS TO THE F*<KING IP ADDRESS FROM WHICH I PRESSED THE BUTTON. The server blocks the wrong IP addresses outright. And only one active allowed IP at a time. This totally obliterates my plan to perform CD on this server. Why can't I just register public keys?
Then I learned several months later that they introduced a new server plan that *does* support the public-key registration. :facepalm:
I'm divided on whether to change my plan in exchange for a rather significant increase in the monthly cost.

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    Oh, did I say that the server does support regular SSH apart from the stupid IP address restriction thing? That is, you can save an SSH public key in remote $HOME/.ssh and log in with private key. So I thought CD was possible. I remembered the IP restriction a little too late before I was about to connect my CD scripts to the server. FML.
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    Which provider is this?

    Name and shame 😛
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    "Just" move to hetzner
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