brain storming about system design on miro board

at the beginning, all devs add components they think that might be relevant for the system.

PM heavily moves everything around, deletes or changes meaning of added boxes without asking. after five minutes, he is the only one using the board, rest of the team is just watching.
PM: come on, guys. don't just sit and watch, you can also participate.

besides that, the resulting system in the end was complete garbage.

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    Sounds like the PM is constantly doing non-PM jobs and micromanaging shit a PM shouldn't even be concerned with.

    I guess I'd sooner or later drop a line like, I'm hired here as dev because that's my expertise - do your job, and let me do mine.
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    @Fast-Nop yeah, once i told him something similar. i suggested we create a channel in our teams team for troubleshooting, since until then we only had one channel where EVERYTHING was posted, so that stuff became hard to find very quickly. PMs answer was "i don't know, you guys should try to find the solution on your own and not keep coworkers from working by immediately asking them." he wanted us to discuss this question in the next daily before he would maybe allow us a troubleshooting channel.
    i mean, are you fucking kidding me? i told him "we are not in kindergarden, have some trust in our skills"... in the end we got our channel, but it's already so fucked up that we have to ask him at all.
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    @soull00t Sounds like the PM also doubles as PL (technical project lead), which is usually a bad combo because it means that neither task is done properly. Let me guess, the PM's fav tool is the thousand mile screwdriver? ^^

    My PM is responsible for menial stuff that no dev would even want to do, like the project administrative things from schedule generation to resource allocation.
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    @Fast-Nop would you actually say this to a coworker? From a professional point, it's reasonable and makes sense. From a personal, coworker side, it seems aggressive. I have wanted to say things like this but I always avert myself from that to stay polite and and not hurt someone's "feelings".
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    @Fast-Nop okay, had to google that xD sounds like a very accurate depiction of what he is doing.

    PM is many things, he's also PO and SM.. so why not also PL, i mean, he's trying to XD
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    @rantsauce I don't think it's aggressive, at least not more than what the PM did to cross the lines. At some point, you have to stand your ground if you don't want to be the grass under the lawn mower.
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