Why do I always get attached to dead/dying platforms 😖😫😭
I mean, I got the PSP Go a mere year before devs dropped support. (Still awesome for emulation because of the physical buttons)

I was really interested in windows phone for a while that I almost bit the bullet and bought it.(you obviously know what happened to the beloved windows phone platform)

And now suddenly a blackberry passport video pops up on my YouTube recommended feed and now I really want one.
The problem is the lack of apps, I was hopeful because it supported android runtime.
Then my hopes were crushed after I knew that its based off KitKat.
Which means one of my favorite apps doesn't work there (my beloved termux, I get a boner whenever I think about using it with an actual keyboard 😂)

Should i just bite the bullet? I'm too broke and that 200$ is kinda of a major purchase for me (I'm 17 in a third world country, so the piggy bank is empty AF)

God, why do I always get introduced to platforms too late...

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    It is not worth it.
    You will always find stuff that is worthy, and you will regret spending your money.
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    @DjSall butt, but, that awesome keyboard?! Oh well. Ill buy it in a year or two when it gets even less expensive
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    This HxH pic baited me so much
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    @QCat as intended (⌐■_■)
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    Ok. You have a spidy sense of what stuff *not* to buy. Use it. don't buy deadend crap, with no apps, and no devs working on apps.
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    @andros705 I don't have the 200$, ill probably save for it 😂
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