time to go for full snack development

started some open source project for discord bot that provides info for some free game users, through scrapping forum and requesting apis

This is kind of going to be a major refactorized second version, that considers all mistakes of a first version. And going to be much more scalable and easy to maintain.

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    We supposed to see something on that Image?🧐
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    @jonas-w Nah, u aren't really expected. xD

    Though this picture is kind of showing that architecture is going to contain... a lot of microservices

    And going to be nicely overkilled with event driven architecture and kubernetes in addition.

    Doing this project in addition to fill gaps in some technologies. Mainly FastAPI and Kafka are going to be new things for me during it.

    So the project is full snack not because of backend+frontend, but because of backend+DevOps this time. It is going to have blackjack and hookers with fully automated testing and deployment.
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    @darkwind I don't see microservice architecture nor event driven services in the image.

    I just see some clouds and some boxes.

    You need to show services in a factorial way. Information presented in a disorganized pattern leads to confusion and misconception.
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    Point taken.
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    I'm with @sariel here... what snacks are you trying to display in that flow chart? Chips? Maybe some cookies or even some trail mix? 🤡
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    @darkwind devrants image compression turns pictures to pixel vomit.

    Link to external source if you want sth that we can read.
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