Any of us had annoyances with people with “a million dollar app idea” but what about these which gives unsolicited career advice?

I’m dealing with a boomer which keeps trying me to change my career and work into cyber security (because TV told him it’s a well paid field) despite me kindly telling him for multiple times which it’s not going to happen because I won’t throw away a career I love to work in a field which seems deadly boring to me (I love anything about coding from design to typing for hours on Vim meanwhile the only thought of reading for hours obscure documentation to find potential vulnerabilities on a system kills my spirit).

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    Why must you listen to his bullshit?
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    @aviophile because sometimes I cannot avoid to meet him
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    Just be straightforward? "Dave, I'm really very happy being a developer. I don't want to go into cyber security. Please stop talking to me about it."
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    If he likes the idea so much, he should do that himself.

    Never listen to people that does not commit to their own ideas and moreover if you have success they might pop back in future to require “royalties” as “they gave you the idea”
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    Play the Uno Reverse card.

    "Dave, this sounds like a good opportunity for you. If this interests you this much then you should pursue this."
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    luckily or unfortunately people around me don't know enough about tech industry to know we have more than one career path in IT
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    @DEVil666 I am so sorry!
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    Next time, wave your hand like Obi-Wan and say:

    ”You don’t want to get into cyber security if you do not know anything”
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