Got tickets to jbcnconf. Got all the flights in order. Got a place to stay.

And apparently someone decided to have a strike in the airlines on the day my connecting flight was supposed to happen. And ofc the flight got cancelled. And ofc there are no alternatives.

So now the whole ~1k€ conference deal will go down the gutter. FUCK!! I soooo wanted to visit Barcelona and attend that conf!!


P.S. I hate you, Ryanair

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    JAVA conference. I am happy that I don't have to attend :DDD
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    @blindXfish good for you!
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    Flying is the worst atm.
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    There is a chance this horse is still not dead...
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    Fuck the whole commercial flight industry. Even with loads of government bailouts during the pandemic, many of their workers still didn't get paid/got laid off. But guess what, executives are still raking money like nothing happened. Now people are missing flights or getting them canceled due to staff shortages and other issues.

    Fuck the whole thing.
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