I am not overly excited about my team, the team lead, my manager, my managers manager, my managers co-managers or my managers manager manager.

Further, I am not that confident that management actually became management due to competence. I now believe that management got to be management because they think (wrongly) alike. This is not a comfortable thing to dwell on.

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    People tend to get promoted until they're no longer good at their jobs.

    This is how managers are born.
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    So if you were strategical, you'd put your shittiest employees as managers, for multiples reasons.

    First, you don't want to lose your best producers to management positions. You need your best producers to produce, they make the money, you can't lose them. However you can make great use of your shittiest performers by moving them up.

    Second, the shittiest employee is likely to be dumb and disciplined, which is exactly what you need: an idiot to crack the whip who won't listen to any logical argument. You need a wall who says "get it done" like a small chief.

    So yeah, if you want to become a manager, be incompetent and learn to kiss some asses. But most importantly, deliver. Even if you deliver garbage, nobody has a clue and nobody gives a shit. If you want to do great work, do that, but don't expect to move up.
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    @Frankistan Agreed. How many times have we experienced managers saying ”We have created this and that”, ”a new project has been started to solve this problem”, ”a new service manager has been hired (consultant?) to help with this project”. There is only ”deliver”. There is very seldom quality. Often it is not even close.
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    Some time later. It is getting worse. It’s the same leadership so this is of course expected.

    Now they hired another consultant which will be clueless for at least a year (we do complex stuff) and we have to put up with stupid questions (which is fine by the way!) for a year.

    Then, hopefully, the consultant will quit when he experiences the depth of incompetence in managment. Hopefully because I want him to succeed and be happy!

    Scholars should study our workplace since it truly is dysfunctional.

    I have little hope.
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