playing around with this is so captivating. that it doesn't really work well and you have to "optimize" your input makes it even more interesting. but when you use it too long, it starts messing with your brain and you start questioning your own perception of reality. what are "things" anyway xD

would be nice if dall-e 2 (which seems to actually work really well) was available to the public soon.. also, i want this for 3D structures, animations & games mechanics, imagine the fantastic uncanney valleys that would open up ^^

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    for some reason, images involving bicycles look kinda terrifying, like you're dreaming of bicycles but your brain can't quite remember what they look like
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    @soull00t Yeah, strange things, especially when the AI doesn't really know. :)
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    That thing creates some pretty good surreal pictures.
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    The descriptions people come up with are honestly better than the results
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