🦫Me a kid: I hope some day I will earn enough $ to by a cool-ass PC and play games on highest graphics presets

🤡Me an adult: I sure did earn enough $ to afford a cool-ass PC though it is a shame that I cannot find time & energy to play games

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    Welcome to the depression train, claim your free ticket to depression town.
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    Or maybe you're just sick of computers by the end of the day don't realize it and should go lift weights or hike or play a sport or bang an escort
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    Seriously don't do the all day comp guy thing it makes you fat ugly and depressed
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    It was me until a few weeks ago, when I discovered that when 2/3 of your kids go to summer camp you suddenly get A LOT of free time. Enough for anything else AND gaming.
    Me and my wife are even playing on my fancy-ass company-subsidized deep-learning-model-training I-guess-it-could-do-bitcoin rig. Same deal as that nostalgia filled SNES - die once, hand over the controller.
    Found happiness in a boring-ass place, I guess.
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    Steam deck is looking like a fine solution tbh
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    Welcome to the club buddy. On this platform, I’m in charge for bipolar and autism. Mention me any time if you wanna talk.
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    @JsonBoa you should split that up mostly Im not choosing to walk right now and the heat is making me lazy but if I fall into bad habits and game constantly heh
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    Hits too close to home.
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