Its so weird working in this company. No onboarding, no micromanaging, noone to track your progress or performance. U can basically do what u want and ask what u want and requests will be fulfilled.

Initially was assigned to a random team and started fixing stuff. I hated the scope so after 2 months in requested to switch teams, request approved.

3 months in realized I lowballed myself during the interview and actually am doing better than half of the team, so I asked for a 43% bump, request approved.

4 months in I realized that I did atleast 100hrs overtime in a month during crunchtime, burned out. Asked for a paid week off to recover, request approved.

5 months in realized that we have many MR's piling up in the team and I could help with approving some of them, but they grant MR approval rights only when u work here for a year or are a decent dev from the get go. Requested for MR approval rights, request approved.

Again it feels so weird working on a big product with 6-7 scrum teams. Its like there is no bullshit, just ask what you need you will get what you asked so you can continue working.

On the other hand its kinda weird to keep asking everything, in other companies a good teamlead/manager shows more initiative takes care of stuff like this without even asking.

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    Whoa dude
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    Sounds like the company is prioritizing dev productivity and mental health by giving them whatever they need to get the job done. Ask for a curved 34" monitor next.
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    Check your contract, maybe you got hired as CEO
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    @aadilp our standard work station in office for everyone is a curved 34” monitor and adjustable desktop ;)
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    @Voxera are y'all hiring? 😂
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    @aadilp yes but for this you would need to live in Stockholm.
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    @Voxera I lived in Västerås for a couple of months back in early 2010s and you guys are very lucky to be working and living in Sweden
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    Damn that’s cool. Company name?
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