I just created a wolpertinger.


We have the problem that the number one build tool for scala / java is sbt.

Sbt sucks.

There are many nice plugins for maven.

Sbt can generate a POM from an SBT build.

But the plugins need to be set up, so the generated POM must be modified...

... a POM is XML.

So Python, Pexpect (as SBT needs a PTY and is very cranky regarding exiting properly and running non interactive)… POM XML modification....

Maven - Plugin run.

But we need to do this on... Larger scale.

So, as I'm a lazy mofo, I wrapped the python thingy in bash, mostly because it was simpler than dealing with async / threading in python. Just spawning per project...

So we have Bash, Python, Java, SBT / Maven, hand in hand....

... Is it normal to feel sorry for the build server?

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