Today I learned that Vim normal mode is Turing complete. Figures. Anything can be Turing complete. Doom can now run itself, Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress are Turing complete, even PowerPoint is technically turing complete. It's only a matter of time before somebody can run DevRant in DevRant.

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    Conway’s Game of Life is Turing-complete. You can design and run a (giant) Conway’s Game of Life pattern that runs Conway’s Game of Life, with cell drawing and generations and everything.

    CSS+HTML (realistically with an automated clicker because slow) is Turing-complete, too, believe it or not.

    It’s amazing how little is required for a self-repeating pattern to be infinitely extendable. Conway’s Game of Life operates on just four rules, for example. There are several single-instruction Turing-complete instruction sets, too: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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    Hmmm, as a computer engineer, i do not know what is turing complete meaning. It was probably useless bit of information.
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    Magic rhe gathering is turing complete as well iirc
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    Programming is reducing the set of possible reactions for all possible inputs until only the wanted reactions are left.

    Touring completeness is what you start with.
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