HP you can go fuck yourself for the worlds poorest design.
Lets place a SLEEP key right next to Esc.
Naturally you reach for the top left key. Ive put my PC to sleep twice accidentally

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    Kinda useful :D
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    Lol, remap that key to esc as well :D
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    The next time you put it to sleep, clean your stand and keyboard... 😀
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    Disassemble it and just remove it. Or one could possibly glue it. You will never abort too much anymore.
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    That'd suck especially for Vim users
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    Thanks for the solutions guys even though I wasnt looking for any..
    just pissed at why the fuck would it be designed that way..
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    Murder that button, put its guts on the table so this keyboard learns that you won't tolerate sleeping anymore
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    Here's an idea.. let me try and make this about why apple/mac is just better!


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    Why don't you get yourself a keyboard you're comfortable with?
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    I had a keyboard with "/" key before backspace key instead of being under it.

    PS: I mostly do web development.
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    how will I then bitch about it and get a like from dfox?
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    @ukabthebest ask him, he's a nice guy, he'll give you :) @dfox right?
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    he already did :')
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    Wow, that button is dumb. Can you not reconfigure it to do nothing?
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    I did it through windows power options.
    but still its retarded to place it there in the first place
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    Hey, at least its not a power key! #lookatthebrightside
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