I produced this Apple development rant into a clip:

If you're a mobile dev, you'll probably find it familiar...

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    People seem to abuse too much of the "copy from last version" button though, especially on apps from big companies, it appears they don't care much about the what's new section.
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    i relate to every single one of these.
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    @cafecortado one of the best one I've seen was:

    "We fixed a bug and created 3 new ones"
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    Google play store can also be annoying as fuck, but for other reasons.

    "30 daily notifications of changes of theterms of services or agreements due to some new bullshit law changed in a country i have never heard about, and even with the apps only set to be published in one country, still forced to log and read and accept the bullshit."
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    Not bad. Just a small nitpick: It’s all about publishing, not developing.
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    I definitely prefer iOS but your parody was funny and told the truth about ridiculous Apple gatekeeping. At least once they could say which they did it to keep their store quality high but recently the AppStore has become full of shovelware as Google Play is.
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    @DEVil666 I don't understand why the App Store Connect is still loading for ages sometimes... Why do you prefer iOS?
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    Hahahah so accurate
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