You know while people debated race gender immigration abortion social welfare marijuana etc etc and riotes ruined lives and made people dead and or unemployed and homeless we could have focused on what mattered and reduced so much suffering in this country by embracing a few ideas that are somewhat new and eradicate everything from destitution and suspended momentum but also things like excuses for varying forms of physical and psychological child abuse

It sickens me

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    @jonas-w yup.

    and the worst part of it was there was a whole group of resource pilfering bastards with no qualifications hogging all the middle class jobs and pretending to care and erect the largest fraud in history that kept our country at a standstill for years. and still is in its aftermath. and people wonder why i used to want to emmigrate to norway.
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    @jonas-w haven't been to Scandinavia yet.
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    @jonas-w sigh no matter what i do i already did it.

    but its because it should be the best choice.

    and because its the best choice, people are doing literally the same shit around me with various alterations till they settle on something it seems. sigh.
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    @jonas-w Fuck yeah!
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    Funny, I was kinda thinking the same thing Yesterday while Reading the news.

    We are all royally fucked and people insist on talking about stupid fucking shit instead of dealing with actual problems. Putin goes around about his war, EU is on about inflation, prices are skyrocketing, people are dying in a sensless war, the fucking Covid is still lurking, twitter still exists, clean energy is still a fucking lie and while this BS is Happening the Oceans are literally dying and the summer heat is unbearable

    Humanity is so fucked and there's nothing I can do to change it, It's in the hands of people that are far to incompetent and shortsighted to notice
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    @Hazarth oops I hit the report button by mistake trying to hit reply !!!

    Anyway "Twitter still exists" lol
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