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    That mind fuck movement....
    When your IDE reports you error on line 235.

    And you find out line 235 is actually a comment. FUCK!!!!

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    It's even better when you only have 154 lines! πŸ˜„πŸ˜­
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    "Error in app.js line 1 column 535742"
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    someone forgot to put a ; somewhere...
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    Even better when uni gets you to use Cnet and that actually breaks on some comments
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    @hawkes Noooooooo!
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    Welcome to Android studio happens all the time 😁
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    Oops! I'm on a different branch :D
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    Maybe the code did not like what you had to comment on it. Egoes are hurt.
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    @hawkes minified js! If you click the reference, however, Google chrome will show you the actual place, and you can beautify in the inspector
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    Is it gradel?
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    Did you know? You can have syntax errors in .bat script comments. Have a nice day!
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    Idk if I ever go back and use Ide, I really don't know
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    How the shit did that manage to happen?!
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