you know supposedly the life of a hunter gatherer was easier on the human body than that of a farmer.

i could kind of see that in a way.
we're built to move around, i don't know about the being out in the sun all day part though.

anyway I was thinking. is this bs better or worse ? it would a be a terrible letdown to work as a warehouse guy the rest of my life and land is expensive right now and people are nuts.

the latter especially, however there are better ways of organizing society.

for example.

if i had to work in a backbreaking job for several years i'd want to shoot myself or a crap job that was sort of grimey.

but making those jobs as livable as possible and moving everyone through them on a schedule.

that is doable for most people.

but if you say work in construction for 40 years your knees back and face are bye bye.

there are better ways of conducting the day to day business of our cuntry.

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