Letting my hateful spirit breathe some: I recently have remembered that no one called me during my 4 months of chemotherapy. Debating if I should cut off everyone I know previously because I know I can’t trust them anymore. If I can’t trust them with my life, why would I ever speak to them? Why would I ever care to see these idiots? What is preventing me from going to their homes and ending it for the mental anguish they have given me?

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    First: I hope you Get better soon.
    Two: they are not real friemds, orrrrr, they never heard about your chemo.

    In any case, don't focus on the bad. Try and think positivly, and go and make new friends. Online if you must.
    We have a devRant discord here somewhere.
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    I'm sorry to hear that PL.

    I generally find, when I'm down, the best pick me up, is calling others to try and give *them* a pick-me-up.

    Try it sometime.
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