Root has standup.

Root: I had no ticket yesterday morning, so I followed up on <TicketA> with <PersonA> and updated it in Jira and linked its related tickets; talked with <PersonB> about <TicketB>, and reviewed code review comments on <TicketC>, and thought about those while looking into the CI spec failure on <TicketD>. I collapsed for 3 hours before fixing it. Halfway through the collapse, I talked with <PersonC> on <TicketC> CR comments and the spec issue in <TicketD>, then went to lay down again. Afterward, I solved the spec issue in <TicketD>, and started on the new ticket <TicketE> before calling it a day. Plans today are to <…>.

Manager, in private: I need you to proactively let me know if you’re taking long breaks and aren’t working as this impacts business flow.



My update was four times longer than the others’ despite her not giving me a ticket to work on. I responded to slack while I was collapsed on the floor and discussed tickets. And, after I recovered, I went back to work to finish my 8h shift. But this isn’t good enough? And I need to let her know in advance when I’m going to collapse and be a bloody mental zombie for hours? It would be amazing if I knew. I barely have a few minutes notice, and that’s only if I’m really paying attention and looking for signs.

And (conjecture) she probably still thinks I’m not performing well enough. “Affecting our business flow” probably means she’s angry I didn’t talk to other people about low-priority <TicketE> yesterday while I was laying on the damned floor.

Goddamn I hate her.

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    Holy shit you worked the rest of the day after you have collapsed?
    And nobody cared? Everyone acting as if nothing happened?

    Do you know why it happened? If not, you should definitely find out until something worse will happen.
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    Apply for disability. They pull this shit and hit them with a disabled persons suit. Fuck em to hell.
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    My past employer did a similar thing to me after I was involved in a car accident that nearly killed my whole family. I quit as soon as I got my paycheck for the month. Burned my entire savings while trying to find a new job but totally worth it. That thing still haunts me.
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    @Lensflare I’ve felt well enough over the past month that I went out for a short 15 min walk/jog that morning. (After meds and half of breakfast to be careful and stave off a bad reaction.) I felt fine afterwards — actually felt much better afterward — but it was probably still too much.

    And yeah. No one cared. Still got chewed out. It’s great.

    (Usual triggers include standing for 10+ minutes, lifting >3 pounds for a few minutes, tiredness, increased stress, >2.5h mental effort, and (I think) too much heat. And sometimes it just happens. Usually lasts 3-4 hours lately.)
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    @Root this stress will kill you... Why you care so much
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    @Root That place is pure poison... please take care.
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    I guess you should…
    Stand up to your boss
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    Might be time to UP root from your current job. Save your health, sanity and stress for a manager that values your efforts.
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    Please get out of there!

    Take a long well deserved break, and spend time on things that matter to you
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    @Root stay well!

    …everyone on this rant is on point -unless you completely love the work you are doing, find a better shop that will support you 😎
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