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    i͛t͛ w͛a͛s͛ y͛o͛u͛
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    @PaperTrail No specific details. It made my life miserable to the point that it was embarassing
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    Highly relate to this I have to work with share point daily
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    @cygnus wait, you weren't developing that pile of 💩?
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    @cygnus > "It made my life miserable"

    I get it. I'm somewhat our SharePoint 'admin', but I do zero maintenance and only get into the bowels when I'm forced.

    I think if some overzealous devs didn't figure out how to embed custom javascript in the root SharePoint aspx pages (we have *a lot* of custom behavior), our/my life would be easier.

    For example, I don't know how they did it, every single item record in a particular list has embedded javascript so when it renders in the UI/form, it can have different behavior. Why? On particular pet projects, users wanted some text bolded, different table format, center justification, etc. Instead of saying 'No, we shouldn't be doing that', the devs said 'YEEESS!! I CAN FIGURE IT OUT!!'. You can imagine the nightmare trying to figure out why some forms work and others don't. I once found hard-coded users (if user="Tom" doThisSpecialThing...)
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    @electrineer I'd be damned if I did
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