When you've got shit to complete and decide to work hard but your computer thinks Nope and starts trolling you

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    Swap is for kids
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    @Linux I disagree, ALWAYS set up a swap, even when it won't be used normally, ALWAYS set it up. Only in those edge cases where you cannot have information available on your swap drive (e.g. privacy concerns) you could consider without swap, but running swapless means having no failover when memory is eaten like pacman does with pills...

    Imagine you are developing something that works in memory and it grows and grows... with a swap you still have some buffer to notice something is really batshit wrong...
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    If you have an SSD, swap is not for you.
    I understand if a client pc wants to have swap, but a server in a production environment the server is better without swap. Much better to have this in /etc/system.d/*.conf:
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    @Linux I implemented the swap when I used to have 8GB ram and occasionally ran out of it... Now with 16GB Ram and too lazy to remove the swap it stayed there.

    I use a SSD with swap (and yes I know why you shouldn't do it) however these days the SSDs are nearly as good as ordinary HDDs and Linux doesn't use Swap if you have enough Ram available, I implemented a notification when my PC runs out of Ram so I can search the culprit and kill it which is much better than having my PC frozen. Replacing the SSD won't be expensive once it wears out compared to how much money I save by not having my unsafed work get lost. However using swap on my new M.2 drive in my other pc is definitely a no go (because I only game on it).

    Point is there are many reasons to do it or to not do it. :)
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    @Russian Looks like you actually know what swap is and how to use it and when to not use it.
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