Any android devs here? I created a simple interview tech assignment app with 2 screens (item grid and item details) with latest architecture (Compose, Retrofit, Coil, Room). Looking for a review or any kind of feedback/ideas regarding what needs to be fixed/refactored. Repo is here: https://github.com/appdevv/DemoApp
If you want, feel free to pull the repo and just make a pull request with your comments.

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    Who's this assignment targeted for?
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    10 bucks im in
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    Is this smth you need to do for your interview? We can make your code look like if senior with 20 years of experience wrote it. But at the end of the line it does not reflect your experience/knowledge. Sure, you will get hired, but you will be under much more pressure to perform.
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    @WildOrangutan This is an old interview task from 1 year ago where I cancelled the interview since I accepted other offer.

    Thanks for comments,you adressed exact spots where I was doubting and now it's clear how to proceed.

    However I have doubts regarding UX/UI since I picked up Compose just 3 days ago. I would like to add shimmering animation for grid items + a better placeholder image asset because current one seems weird. Also my loading animation seems to be weird. Even search seems weird, it starts searching as soon after each symbol input, it should search only when user confirms the search by pressing on a search icon within the box... Anyways I decided to focus on architecture, since this task did not even have a sketch for UI or specs for UX..

    Anyways, curious to see whats your first impression? I'm android dev of 2-3 years (with breaks in between) and I would consider myself mid level. Is the quality good enough or no? Should I add unit tests? Feel free to comment in git.
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    Your architecture is pretty good. Definitely mid level.

    I think it would be nice to break down your code a into more private functions tough, to make it more readable.

    I like to make a bit slower transition between screens, to give view more time to load. Usually ends up looking pretty good and polished.
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