Is this supposed to be good documentation?

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    Must be an intern or a desperate OSS newbie contributor

    I don't hate it though
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    @asgs It's the Xorg documentation..
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    Returns the atoms.

    What's that you don't understand? /s
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    @ElectroArchiver I don't know who cursed you, or how you might be masochistic enough to try and tackle X11...

    But please, your life and sanity is valuable, don't throw it away.

    X11 is really really really a hot glued mess noone should need to touch nowadays ...
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    @IntrusionCM Well I 'just' want to make a tool that replaces 2 other ones ( 2 - 8 year old code ), needed a module for that ( since Linux wasn't supported | no module of that kind has been made in the language yet it seems ) and so I thought 'Might as well make it properly so others can use it'.
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