Nvidia is currently running a competition on their Omniverse platform to win a top of the line RTX card

All you need to do is create a visually impressive raytracing tech demo... which requires a powerful RTX card... to win a powerful RTX card

Thanks guys

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    That is definitely more for them than for the candidates. Also I still have issues with calling it raytracing. That is a technique that existed for years and it's not wheat they are doing and also the quality of a true ray traced render is higher.
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    @hjk101 If it isn't that, what is it ?
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    @Nanos only for reflections and few other details it does something akin to ray tracing but nowhere near the amount to what is necessary to paint all the pixels even of the said effects (let alone the entire scene) so they use the RTX cores with fancy ai models to clean up the artifacts and approximate the reflected image.

    This explains pretty well what raytracing is:

    Here it's explained pretty well what the cards actually do:

    Saying RTX cards can do ray tracing would be the same a saying a picture is vector graphics when it has two lines of an out door scene replaced with actual vector lines.
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    @hjk101 top info, thanks for sharing!!
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