I decided to withdraw my application from Amazon cause it was so stressful. Got a call from my recruiter berating me telling me I fucked it up for everyone.

God willing, I get black listed on LinkedIn

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    because your withdrawal open their eyes and finally nobody is willing to work for them anymore?
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    That is highly unprofessional of the recruiter unless this was of course after you signed a contract etc.
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    That's unprofessional on their side, it's a reasonable thing to do and a reasonable thing to occur from a recruiters end too
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    @hjk101 ye innit. it’s like don’t you have other candidates to deal with?
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    You ruined the recruiters potential pay day.. 😂
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    I don't think you'll get blacklisted for this. Blacklists are way more serious matters than that. Don't worry.

    That said, I totally approve of your move. This job is supposedly in high demand but we all have to bend over backwards in their recruitment processes. It's not worth it. I too have a "only sane companies" policy now.
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    You were probably the candidate with the most potential to be hired and you withdrawing made that recruiter look bad, indirectly making their other recruits look bad.

    You did nothing wrong and you should never have any grief over it if that's your choice. Surely that happens a lot in their profession and if they're good at their job, should be able deal with that.

    Id suggest looking at other recruiters now., or avoiding them altogether.

    Ive done hiring recently and it's the recruiters that are the reason people do badly in an interview a lot of the time. Many people aren't given full information about what the recruiter has put them forward for so they are ill prepared and sometimes don't even know what role they have applied for, because they've been applied for so many. "been" being the keyword there.
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