Landed a part time support/maintenance job for an android app. Its only 10 hours a week and I signed it, we agreed that jira tasks will be estimated in hours.

Now all of a sudden they want me to install some time tracking app called Toggle. They expect me to work on this part time after my fullltime work and also to clock every minute worked for this part time gig. Even if I go to take a piss apparently they expect me to stop the clock and I gues the app tracks wether screen/mouse is active? Like having a sprint and a task assigned with hours for that sprint is not fucking enough. No I have to track time now. Seems fucking disrespectful.

Not sure how to actually handle this because never been in such situation. I guess I will try to work with it for a sprint or two and see how it goes. Im not gonna be squeezed out like a lemon thats for sure. Gonna "track" extra time if I feel like it, fuck it. Anyone had experience how to deal with this?

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    Toggle doesn't track your screen/mouse is active. We use it to track time at the company and if it would I would have a shit ton fewer hours 🤣. Just fill it in when you're done for the day and you'll be fine.

    Also you don't have to "install" toggle it's just a webapp
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    @Rambolus this is what my contract says: "All of Subcontractors specialists shall record their working time during their actual working sessions in real time, using agency approved time tracking tool (Toggl). Time tracking should adhere and reflect specialist's working time and breaks (including lunch break). Manual post hoc entries are only allowed with a prior approval of agency project manager."

    So it seems that they expect me to track everything minute to minute because "they want to pay for actual hours worked". This is bullshit, Im definetly gonna try to negotiate so I could post manual entries.
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    @AnxiousADHDGuy unless they have a camera pointed at you how are they gonna know if you took a break to take a leak? Just turn it on when starting work and stop for example for lunch break. No one is gonna be the wiser
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    Don't sign the contract...
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    I stop the clock when I take a piss. Am I the idiot? 😳
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    If you live in the EU, your employer is required by the law to give you some type of time tracking software.

    This is not for their benefit but for yours - if they don't want to pay you for some reason, this is used to make them pay

    Most companies discourage using manual time tracking, but nobody expects you to stop tracking your time if you go to the toilet.. stop it when you take a break or go to lunch and that's it
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