Difference between chown and chmod 777 explained in one picture.

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    Actually I Always have the key
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    Well explained
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    Lol.. I don't see how the image illustrates the difference. Looks to me more like a comic about the consequences each line produce.
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    @serverwentdown just got back from guardians of the galaxy 2, this cracked me up thanks!
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    I've seen too many developers do chmod 777 as soon as they are granted the owner privileges ...

    - It's easier that way!
    - It's also easier for me to make your browser history public that try and hold back laughter after you approach me with a "My PC is reporting virus problems" after spending literally 70% of your workday browsing for "penis enlargement pills"
    - ... what?!
    - ... peni...
    - What were the defaults again?
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