okay, i'm still a newbie to (unmanaged) C++, but looking at a colleague's code, what the hell is all this cryptic shit 😵 all this unreadable templating stuff + typedefs, 8 different copy operators in one class, i'm getting headaches just looking at it

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    yeaahh, that's why I prefer C over C++... Far more difficult to make it unreadable.
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    Yaaaaa, C++ gets like that.
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    Remember that rant when in a not too distant future, you'll write such code yourself and it will totally make sense to you. ^^
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    @Fast-Nop yeah i know 😂 it's already a bit like that when i look at my C# code, i'm like "awww look at these cutesie self-describing classes and methods, no technical boilerplate bullshit, it's like i'm reading a book"
    C++ messes with my brain 😑
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