Dropping out of college because it was useless, and getting a job in the industry while continuing to teach myself.

That way I was paid to learn instead of the reverse — and I learned newer and actually useful things. I also saved time to boot.

I might not have a masters degree, but that doesn’t matter, either. Experience is always better than a comparable amount of education.

Honestly, none of the good devs I have worked with held masters degrees. To a one, they were all self-taught.

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    My biggest and only regret in life is going to college or not dropping out sooner....
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    How did you get a job in the industry ?

    I always wanted to go to college so I could get a qualification and be able to get a job interview in the first place !

    FX [ Notices every job asks for a degree, the ability to speak at least 3 languages, a car owner, and never having been unemployed since leaving school.. ]
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    @Nanos I just applied, and found a few places. Entry level doesn’t need anything special, and I could talk about things I had built and answer their questions.
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    @Root Sadly where I am, entry level often means they want someone with 90+ years experience !

    I used to think just applying was a numbers game, that eventually I'd hit paydirt.

    After several thousand tries, I got the impression it was more about something else than just trying !

    Perhaps having things you had built to talk about was one of the key reasons why you got picked.
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    @Root same here, self taught, paying very well attention to the people who are smart, being critical about any article online. Trial, deep and correct, trial and celebrate. Currently very comfy, 10 years in industry and known as 'the guy that is very strict about your code'
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    > Dropping out of college because it was useless, and getting a job in the industry while continuing to teach myself.

    I would LOVE to know how in the hell you did this. I went back to college to finish my computer science bachelor's solely because no fucker would take me seriously no matter how much more I knew over my graduated peers. The second I did that, a job landed in my lap. Before then? not a single damn call back on any of the hundreds of applications I sent in.
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    Also, who aside from possibly FAANG gives a shit about a Master's? Every job post I remember seeing asked for a Bachelor's (in Computer Science or similar)
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    @corscheid I think it depends where you live in the world
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    Paid to learn way better than learned to pay.
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    @Root Also the same here. LOL
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