Spent 2 years slaving for a “start up” building not only the core framework but also handling clients, operations and logistics while being yelled at constantly for not delivering even though I was clearly over worked.

Once it finally hit my head that none of this was my mistake, quit, took a few months off and started working as a freelancer for no code development platforms.

Have been working with multiple amazing clients for more than a year now who understand and appreciate the work I do.

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    Glad to hear it mate. I’ve worked for some pretty horrid companies in my lifetime. One day I sent an email saying that I quit and that all my company equipment could be found on my desk. Then I just walked out. Was an amazing feeling.
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    Sounds like me in a couple of months to come
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    I had a manager that would abuse and harass everyone in the team daily. He would constantly threaten us to "ruin our reputation in the job market" if we decided to leave - or even start doing interviews - without letting him know at least 6 months before. Now, this job was a first job for most of us and we didn't have that much experience nor maturity to see through his bullshit. One day, I decided it was enough. I scheduled an interview for the day next and before I called the day, I went to him and told him "do you remember when you asked us to tell you whether we were doing interviews? I'm letting you know that tomorrow morning I won't show up because I have an interview". Fast forward to the following day, I got an offer during the interview and I resigned effect immediately on the same date.
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