What's the difference between Programmer, Coder, Engineer, and Developer? Noobs here.

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    @runfrodorun I want to add that in some countries engineer is a title one can get only through diploma. Even if I do the job of an engineer, have the skills and knowledge of an engineer, occupy the role of an engineer, in my country (France) I am not allowed to say I am an engineer on my resume.
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    Im sure i answer this same question a long long time ago.
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    @runfrodorun maybe I should look for clients in the USoA then, you gave me great ideas. If you need to outsource some work in your company think of me ;)
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    I think you could put people into two groups with this. Either those are just different ways of saying the same thing to you or they arent.

    For myself I like to think of it as the difference in the depth and breadth of an IT worker's knowledge. Coders are people that are comfortable with one language and are usually ok at it, they also just follow orders, no fancy design or high level solutions here. Programmers are people that know a couple languages and can tie everything together quite well. Can also be left to their own devices to figure things out. Developers can move across platforms and can come up with solutions to most problems quite easily. They also have a reasonable understanding of how everything in the computer works together. Engineers have a very deep understanding of a pc, specifically how all the layers work together, differences in languages are purely semantic. They also have a very good understanding of how the hardware and software interact.
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