Best decision: becoming self-employed.

Worst decision: not doing it 5 years earlier.

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    Neither of them are best decision
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    Im self employed because no one would employ me, idk 😐
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    How did you pull it off?
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    @corscheid Just jumped into it. Talked to a bunch of recruitment companies, most of which I never heard from again. In countries where you only have to give a couple of weeks notice before leaving a full time job you just search until you score your first contract. I had a 3 month notice period (!), so I just had to take the plunge. No one will sign you up for a contract 3 months in the future. But in a job market where there is high demand for skilled developers you should be fine if you have a decent resume.
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    @vvinu9876 For me, yes. For you, maybe not.
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