That moment you hear an alert tone play on your computer but you can’t remember which app or website is responsible for it and you keep looking but can’t seem to find it.

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    Notifications :)
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    I think it's high time it was standard for there to be an option to play a voicing of the appropriate word e.g. "Email", "Text Message" etc. I can't be arsed with remembering which email app makes a 'beep' and which app makes a 'boop'. A choice of human voices using actual words would be cool.
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    @ScriptCoded I know it's a notification, and I cannot for the life of me remember which app plays this particular tone. It's like a piano chord, very quick and high. None of my browser tabs have anything in them showing a notification and I've checked every app I have. Gah!
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    Turned out it was my second phone~
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    Often I have this, turns out its from Other people's phones outside my home....
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    Sometimes it’s the aliens…
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    I finally found out what it was. A website in one of my tabs had an aggressive chatbot asking me if I had any questions. Totally tanked my productivity with that distraction. Good grief.
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