An article describing toxic environment in angular team. Read lots of angular shit issue thread. The problem might be worse.

Angular needs to die

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    Been saying this for years.

    The vast majority of the js community is toxic as fuck and needs to shrivel up and die.

    I wish this would start a change, but all that's going to happen is all those toxic devs are going to abandon ship and find a new framework to terrorize.
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    As someone who does not work on any projects depending on Angular, I confirm that Angular needs to die 🔥
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    Yea, I'm sure the suits on this team were terrible, as most suits are, but anyone that unironically uses the terms "problematic" and "micro aggressions" is also definitely a big part of the problem.
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    @NotJeckel Feeling offended? (CNR)
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    @IntrusionCM I'm annoyed, cranky, and generally an asshole, but offended? Nah, not at all.
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