A gigantic codebase of several tens of millions of loc [prolly hundreds of mill's as we don't see all of it] in java EE.

Very complex business logic where bells have their own whistles with their own bells with .... You get it.

Very fine-tuned performance to make app so performant that the only bottleneck becomes the db. The beefiest rds instance becomes too laggy [orm, so sqls are immutable]

Client moves to rewrite the whole thing in PHP. Motivation: lower TTM


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    What is TTM?
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    @Lensflare time-to-market
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    Even my wife [non-tech] burst in most sincere laughter when I told her that....
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    I'd be surprised if they pull it off.
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    @IntrusionCM that makes [dozens of teams and you] of us
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    Yo homies, ever tried to wank your doodle when you took a box of viagra?

    That's the pain of the decision you made. Might wanna rethink it.
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    Why are you letting non-technical clients dictate technical decisions?

    But seriously. That should be an easy debate to win. Tell them it’ll cost more (since you’re rewriting) and best-case it’ll be at least 40% slower, too.

    Or: “We’re halfway done painting on high quality canvas, but we can switch to plywood and begin again if you really want us to.“
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    @Root it's been in motion for a while now. We've only been informed so we're aware of what's going on and that we should be looking for php devs.
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    Worst of all they might actually pull it off: the ttm goal, and decent perf too. Not because it's php, but becz it's a complete rewrite and redesign of the arch, oriented at those goals. And then they'll be pointing a finger at it shouting "see? We told you! Php is faster! And you call yourselves professionals, not knowing what language is actually faster?!?!"
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    @netikras Fair. v2 is always better.
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    @Root not always. Usually. The v2s that aren't better just tend not to see the light of day.

    Incopetence, mishandled risks, ambitions and expectations have their toll, be it v2 or v14
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